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Due to things going on on my end, there's been a change of plans. I realize I can't really juggle comics and animations as well as I hoped, so until I improve the production pipeline, I'll be focusing more on animations. I still hope to make comics, it just won't be weekly for a while. The comics I plan on doing now will be Ask-a-Toon, which is where Doggy and Conroy answer reader questions. Kassandra comics will follow a similar nature, but more on that will be revealed later.
 Also, as far as animations go, due to advice given to me concerning my Youtube videos, I'm going to make more Sonic shorts, since they've proven to be more popular than either Team Teen or Toons These Days, so the goal now is to make a Sonic short every other month, rotating with Toons These Days, natch. I was hestitant to go through with this before, but over the past several weeks I've come up with more ideas for Sonic shorts, that I feel more comfortable with this new strategy.
The Team Teen short in development will come out next month for Patreon supporters, and August for everyone else. The other Team Teen shorts I had planned for this year has Sonic in them, so they still kind of count as a Team Teen short.


Alex Dudley
United States
I like cartoons!

Current Residence: East Coast of the USA
Wallpaper of choice: Something that's not too bright. Preferably black.
Skin of choice: What does this mean? Why are you asking about my skin color?
Favourite cartoon character: The Red Guy (Cow and Chicken), Daria
Personal Quote: It's amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can do.

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